Organisation Expansion

Put the right team together hundreds kilometers away is a critical success factor; we help you to find the right people for the right positions!

Put the right team together hundreds kilometers away is a critical success factor; we help you to find the right people for the right positions!

1. Go or No-Go Expansion

If the company and market analysis, the feasibility study as well as the financial forecast lead to a decision to continue with an expansion, we will start together with the execution of the expansion process!

You might also pick the option of doing an outsourcing, we would obviously support you in that process as well. At the end, at least one of the key metrics profitability, turnover or market share must be increased

2. Put a project team together

A project team will be put together to create an organization, delegating the responsibilities and tasks as well as setting milestones to execute the expansion plan. Furthermore, jour fix and weekly meetings will be planned to observe the milestones and to ensure we are on track. In the next step Execution and implementation is defined, in which stages which tasks will be executed.

The goal must be that we can set up your company in Mexico with your values, your quality and your KPI’s, thus it is vital to find the right project managers who are living your company’s values or willing to do so.

A team should be put together, which is led by a project manager and me, which covers the following criteria:

Law Expertise/ Contract Management (Mexico)

Commercial Expertise

HR Expertise

Import/Export Expertise

Program Management Expertise

Technical Expertise

Financial Expertise

Various questions will arise how the company should be run.

Is the project manager recruited internally or externally?

Will the project manager work on site or from your country?

Are important key positions first sent to your country, e.g. for training?

How does the exchange work? > work permission

How often do you visit the company in Mexico?

How will the control mechanism work?

How will be the culture, vision and mission implemented?

3. Set milestones

An expansion is a very complex matter in which many, different administrative, strategic and personal decisions have to be made. It can be compared to starting a new company. The company has to be founded, licenses created (e.g. ISO 9000), bank accounts opened, laws studied or locations checked. In personnel management, job descriptions must be created with the help of the respective departments, decide which channels to use to address applicants, draw up contracts according to the new country regulations, design training, and many other things. That is why it is important to set milestones in which it is clear what should be implemented by when.

To fulfill all the mentioned steps as well as to continue with the next stages, we will need the contact persons from your company who are in charge. Only together and in an open and transparent process, we can execute it successfully.

4. Communication



Besides the organization, also communication must be implemented to inform people around the company about the expansion project. On one side people should be transparently informed to take the fear of them, showing them the long-term plan with the execution. On the other side, there might be people who are interested in undertaking and helping to execute the expansion plan.