Feasibility Study

1. Overview of the feasibility study​

2. Factors to pick the right location

3. Our Locations in Mexico​

4. Prices to rent or buy properties in Mexico​

5. What logistics and transportation will be needed?​​

6. Human Resources: Personnel availability in Mexico​

7. Calculations of various Costs​

8. Legal Compliances and Certifications​

9. Requirements of any Certifications to ensure standards​

10. Supply Chain

It can be very costly if you expand and realize later that the infrastructureis not ensured or not sufficient, educated engineers are available. To avoid that, we execute a feasibility study.

1. Overview of the feasibility study

Once we have analyzed your market, company and established a financial forecast, we will conduct a detailed feasibility study of a possible expansion to Mexico. The best strategy for recruiting is to find a local partner who understands the landscape, including wages, labor laws, and a typical office environment – and that’s us.

We help to navigate everything from renting office space to contract norms for employees. The same regarding the law firm; there are many rules and regulations in which you just must play by – and we will analyze together whether it is executable.

In addition, always bear in mind that we build with you and other partners an eco-system, so rents, freight costs, location, logistics and administrative tasks can be shared and accordingly save costs.

It can be very costly if you expand and realize later that the infrastructure is not ensured or not sufficient, educated engineers are available. To avoid that, we execute a feasibility study.​

2. Factors to pick the right location

Selecting the right location is a critical success factor in an expansion exprocess - we advise you the options based on your requirements​

The location we choose together for your business is a critical success factor that needs to be carefully evaluated.

Based on your needs analysis from the Company and Market Analysis, we will provide you various locations to find the right one.


select the right location in mexico

Not only the infrastructure or cost will be playing a vital role, but also aspects like labor skills, supply deliveries, traffic connection, tax advantages, size of warehouses or major storage space must be taken into consideration.

We have listed up some important factors to take into consideration.

Traffic connections to the United States

International airplane connections


Government Incentives

Taxes of the cities

Available workforce

Infrastructure & Logistic


Rental Prices

Supply Chain

Real Estate


3. Our Locations in Mexico

We have done a detailed and comprehensive analysis to decide which locations in Mexico to focus on.

Mexico is a very modern country with particularly good road, and international air connections.

However, if our partners wish to take other cities into consideration as well, we are not reluctant to do that. Based on our analysis, we have decided to focus on the following locations.

4. Prices to rent or buy properties in Mexico

Costs in Mexico vary from the locations, however in average, they are up to 10x times cheaper than in the United States​

$4.45 per m2 is the average price to rent in Mexico

Mexico is up to 300% cheaper than in the United States

$63 per m2 is the average price to buy in Mexico

Mexico and Monterrey are the most expensive cities to rent or buy a location

5. What logistics and transportation will be needed?​

Once the raw materials or goods have arrived in Mexico, it must be transported to the factory where it will be processed and then finally shipped to the end client.

We will do precise calculations in how many days the products can be shipped from Mexico to other countries in South America.

As you can extract from the graph, many deliveries from Mexico to anywhere in the United States can take between 1 and 3 days if there is a smooth process at the customs. Air Cargo will then be used more to the countries in the south part of America (Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, etc.).

Here again it is so important to find the right, trusted and reliable partners – and we will help you in that matter.

6. Human Resources: Personnel availability in Mexico

Analysing whether the number of the right, qualified people can be found in Mexico to execute the activities of your organization is a critical success factor.

Together, we will look thoroughly at the various Human Resource standpoints and look what people will be needed.

7. Calculations of various Costs

Freight Charges Import / Export​

Freight costs can lead to unpleasant surprises because you must pay attention to a lot of details. Especially when you have to import the raw material and export the finished good.

Together we will make a calculation of how much the freight to Mexico would cost. We will determine to which Incoterms (find further below a short description) the products will be shipped, which will ensure that the quality remains high after the arrival as well as there are no delays.

Bear in mind that the cost of containers will decrease with other partners who will also establish their production or distribution center in Mexico.

  • What kind of cargo to transport
  • Raw material or finished products?
  • Where does the raw material come from?
  • Airline or ocean freight?
  • How much is the value of the freight? Volume?Weight?
  • How many transports yearly
  • Do you already have a partner for freight?
  • Insurance, Taxes, Document and Certifications
  • Document & certificate costs
  • Incoterms 
  • Tax costs


The U.S. – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA) is a trade agreement between the named parties and replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 2020.

Mexico was the first country in Latin America to sign a partnership agreement with the European Union (1997). The “EU-Mexico Economic Partnership agreement” entered into force in 2000 and established a free trade area between the two parties.

USMCA eliminates tariffs between the countries and has built in agreements and legal processes, with international rights for business investors.

Based on your needs, we will make investigations and gather information to figure out and calculate what impact and costs has the USMCA for your goods which would be transferred to the United States or other countries.

This includes export cost, logistic procedure, and documentation. For example if there is good with a high risk (e.g. explosive), it will have a different charge and time procedure than just normal commodities. 


More information will be given in the following page: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/priority-issues/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/USMCA/FAQs


The taxes in Mexico are around 30%, is though depending of each state.

Thanks to a specific program called IMMEX which was introduced by the Mexican Government, no raw material which will be imported, processed and then exported from Mexico, will not be charged any taxes

The IMMEX program in Mexico is aimed exclusively at legal persons, which is an individual with rights and obligations that exists, not as a natural person, but as an institution that has been created by one or more natural persons.


Companies that are eligible to take the advantage and the benefits of the IMMEX program must export a minimum of at least $500k worth of finished products on an annual basis or must have exports that account for a minimum of 10% of yearly sales. 

8. Legal Compliances and Certifications

We will evaluate whether your goods or service need special regulations regarding laws. In addition, it is indispensable to familiarize with Mexico’s (labour) laws. As foreigners running business in Mexico need to be cautious of their hiring practices as they have strict labour laws in place to protect the employees.

A Mexican law firm will give us legal advice and help us to make sense of the (labor) laws of Mexico in questins like:

Creating a corporation

Setup the business

Advising on labor and tax law

Zoning and building permits

Environmental regulations

Immigration status

9. Requirements of any Certifications to ensure standards

If any certifications or licenses are needed, we will analyze how to get them:


Quality Standards

Environmental Health & Safety Certifications

Finance/Accounting Certifications

Information Technology/ Computer Engineering Certifications

Mechanical Engineering Certifications

Research Certifications

Quality Assurance (QA) Certifications

10. Supply Chain

Is a cost efficient Supply Chain possible with an Expansion to Mexico?

Together, we will draw the supply chain of the expansion process. On one side, there probably will be material which must be transferred from the company to the new location, on the other side there, raw materials might also be transferred from other locations.

Also, the process has to be defined when there are product returns. We will draw a plan how your supply chain will look like and what time will be needed for the whole process.