1. Figures and Facts Aguascalientes

790 km / 8h

driving distance to the border of United States


Dollars GDP per capita. It is the highest in Mexico per capita and ranks third in contribution to the national GDP

1.4 Million

people living in Aguascalientes and is one of the smaller cities in Mexico. 


Dollars earn low skilled workforce in Monterrey


Universities has Monterrey. 5 of them have a global ranking among the top 200.


Dollars is the average cost per m2 to buy a warehouse.


Dollars is the average cost per m2 to rent a warehouse


2. Some of our warehouses to rent in Aguascalientes

200m2 / 400m2 / 100



3. Aguascalientes' Economic

Aguascalientes is one of Mexico’s fastest growing cities, as can be seen from its relatively small historic core and the variety of more modern neighborhoods that surround it. Especially the automotive industry is a fast growing sector. With Nissan and Mercedes Benz, they have two huge automotive brands producing thousands of cars each year.

However other industrial sectors also flourish in Aguascalientes such as electronics, equipment, optical systems, circuitry, and industrial sensors, among many other products.

In addition, medical device manufacturing is also taking off. The state has attracted leading robotics and automation companies and is working to establish a manufacturing center for components and assembly of aircraft.

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do you want to know more about aguascalientes warehouses, infrastructure, and workforce?

Get in touch with us, we are happy to help you in any kind of questions!

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4. Aguascalientes Peace Index

Like Nuevo Leon, Aguascalientes is an exceptionally safe city. They have low levels of corruption and a well-functioning government.

Beside the state Yucatan, only Aguascalientes recorded as well a low homicide rate in 2019.

5. Aguascalientes - the city​

Aguascalientes is a

The city of Aguascalientes was founded in 1575 as a rest stop between the major silver-producing center of Zacatecas and Mexico City. When the territory of the state of Aguascalientes was separated from Zacatecas, the city of Aguascalientes became its capital. Though its designation as a capital city contributed substantially to its growth, Aguascalientes remained a relatively minor city until the past few decades. Since then, it’s grown into an industrial powerhouse thanks in large part to two of the world’s largest Nissan manufacturing plants–with a third now on its way.

The historic center of Aguascalientes is small but attractive. Traditional neighborhoods include the Barrio del Encino, home to the Templo del Encino with its famed “Black Christ,” the Barrio de Guadalupe, home to the baroque Templo de Guadalupe, and the Barrio de San Marcos, easily the city’s most visited and home to the renowned annual San Marcos Fair. Calle Caranza runs through the historic center and is popular for its colonial buildings converted into museums, cultural centers, restaurants, and nightclubs. Additional popular destinations walkable from Plaza Patria (the city’s central square) include the cafes, restaurants and shops of El Codo and the Templo de San Antonio, often considered among a short list of Mexico’s most beautiful churches.


Modern Aguascalientes, however, stretches far beyond the city’s historic core. There are three “ring” roads that circle the historic center. The smallest is Primer Anillo, the second is Segundo Anillo, and the third, Tercer Anillo, has just recently been completed. Primer and Segundo Anillos both run through entirely urban settings. Parts of Tercer Anillo are also totally developed, but some of the newer sections still run through farmland and undeveloped space. Primer and Segundo Anillos are generally very well maintained, as are the new sections of Tercer Anillo. However, in part because it’s often used by 18-wheelers, the older parts of Tercer Anillo can be beat up pretty bad.

Just north of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes runs the Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, normally referred to simply as Colosio. If you’re looking for the most contemporary, upscale dining and nightlife in Aguascalientes, this is it! Here you can find Mexican, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Argentinian, American, Japanese, Chinese, and Pan-Asian cuisine–and this list is probably just scratching the surface. Be aware, however, that if you’re looking for traditional Mexican food, you can find equally good and more economical options elsewhere, with a few exceptions.

Especially as far as Mexico is concerned, Aguascalientes is an exceptionally safe city. The historic center and most neighborhoods of interest to foreigners are well policed, and the local force deals with few of the corruption problems that plague many parts of Mexico. Exercise caution as always and avoid rough neighborhoods and you should be completely fine while out and about, even at night.

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