Mexico’s GDP

Mexico has one of the largest economies and is a global leader in Growth Domestic Product and to start a business

1. 14th largest GDP worldwide​

2. The Development Mexico GDP​

3. Top 20 countries to start a business​

4. Global Competitive Report 2019 Ranking Mexico​

The GDP per head between 1980 and 2018 had an increase at certain stages of over 300%​

1. Top 20 in Growth Domestic Product (GDP)

Mexico has globally the 14th largest economy in terms of Growth Domestic Product GDP and after Brazil the second largest in Latin America. They were the first Latin America country to sign an economic partnership, political coordination, and cooperation agreement with the EU 1997. Mexico is for the EU a very important, strategic partner as the country belongs to one of the world’s most dynamic emerging economies. With a population of over 128 million people, Mexico holds huge potential for EU firms to increase their exports as it supports many thousand jobs in Europe.

2. Development of Mexico's Economy

As you can see from the graph below, the GDP per head between 1980 and 2018 had an increase at certain stages of over 300%, which is a strong indicator of a strong development of the country itself as well as the globalization.

The Corona pandemic hit them, as every other country, very hard, however the forecast promises a recovery in the next years.

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3. Top 20 countries to start a business

Mexico belongs to the Top 7 worldwide to set up a business - before countries like United States, Germany or Great Britain.

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This statistic shows the ranking of the 20 best countries for business start-ups according to the Best Countries Ranking of the news magazine U.S. News from 2020.

Mexico takes the 7th place in the category “Start a Business” in the Best Countries Ranking 2020 of the news magazine U.S. News and is thus rated as one of the best country in the world to start a business – before many other large countries like USA, Great Britain, Germany, France or Japan.

Around 6,000 business decision-makers assessed the attractiveness of a country for starting a company on the basis of five characteristics. The following properties were equally included in the evaluation:

2nd rank in South America

Mexico ranks 48th in the Global Competitiveness Index and is second in all of South America after Chile (33rd).

Even though Chile has a very stable economy, Mexico has with its tax advantages, the maquiladora experience, its low costs as well as great location between the North and South, Mexico has various advantage and is therefore one of the most attractive countries in South America to produce commodities.

They have been able to improve steadily over the past few years, including in the areas of infrastructure, trained specialists, and also thanks to the good relationships thanks to the NAFTA agreement and the United States.

Mexico is one of the most emerging country world wide and is ranked as the 2nd best Latin America country in the global competitiveness index.

4. Global Competitive Report 2019

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Mexico is placed on 48th positions. The uncertainty and trade tensions stemming from US international trade policy constitute a headwind impeding the further socio-economic development of Mexico, reducing the expectations of business leaders and, therefore, their willingness to invest.

Mexico’s competitiveness performance is mixed. On one side, it has achieved some progress on all its four lowest ranked pillars: Institutions (+0.6 points, 98th), Labour market (+1.4, 96th), Skills (+0.4, 89th) and ICT adoption (+3.7, 74th).

On the other hand, these improvements have been, to some extent, insufficient to fill the gap with other more competitive economies. 

Significant improvements to institutions have been concentrated in the public sector’s administrative efficiency (+4.5 points, 59th), while transparency (116th) are is problematic.

Inflation, for example, has increased (5.5%, 111th), and lack of improvements in transport infrastructure (-1.3, 51st) require further efforts to advance Mexico’s competitiveness closer to the frontier and to that of the top-ranked economies.