Expanding your production or service to Mexico?


  • Lowering your production and labor costs in Mexico by up to 60%
  • Taking advantage of high-educated labor force
  • Diversifying your supplier portfolio to be less dependent on Asia
  • Entering new sales markets
  • Having a cost-efficient supply chain and only 3 hours from the US

About our Business Model

Our Business Model

7 Steps to Expand your Company successfuly

Mexpansion will assist you in the whole expansion process of your production or service to Mexico which we will execute in 9 steps.

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Our Eco-System in Mexico

build an eco system in mexico

It is hard to control quality, performance and efficiency when you are placed in thousands miles away like in Europe, thus it is important to have control mechanisms and methods as well as weekly reports and calls.
Together, we work out a plan how we want to implement the transition strategy.

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Manufacturing in Mexico, China or USA?

Before any expansion, outsourcing, nearshoring, or offshoring is executed, you need to do a lot of investigation to find the right country and partner. There are various factors you have to look at when you want to manufacture a product or outsource a service abroad as it takes a lot of time and money to undertake such a project

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