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We are young and open-minded entrepreneurs, innovative, living in Mexico and have a large local network. In a strong partnership, we ensure a successful and sustainable expansion to Mexico.

Mexpansion is a Swiss founded company based in Mexico, help you to minimize costs, increase your turnover by entering new markets, and diversifying your portfolio by optimizing your supply chain.

1. Our Business Model in a Video

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Price pressures, growing competitors from abroad, or delayed arrival for prefabricated materials are common challenges nowadays for companies in a globalized world.

In addition, the broken supply chain during the pandemic made us even more aware of how dependent businesses are on countries such as China or India. Moreover, the container ship accident on the Suez Canal led to shipping delays, low stock and exploding overheads.

On the other hand, rapidly emerging global economy creates numerous opportunities for businesses to expand their revenues, drive down their costs and boost their profit.

To remain competitive, WE partner with you to expand your company to Mexico and take the advantage of:

3. Building an Eco-System in Mexico

We from Mexpansion bring together the different “nodes”; we build with all our partners the basic building blocks and ensure so to split and decrease costs in:

4. Our Services

We focus on SMEs and start-ups who have (or will have) a significant sales market in Central and South America and/or want to diversify their portfolio or produce or provide services close to their customers.

We ensure that you increase your profitability, sales and market share of your company.

We are in Mexico at present and will support you in the whole expansion process with various activities like:

contact us to set up a meeting and discuss the opportunities to expand your company to mexico!

Contact Us

contact us to set up a meeting and discuss the opportunities to expand your company to mexico!

Contact Us

5. Our Mission, Vision & Values

mision vision and values

Our goal is to help to connect in a globalized world professionals to make them more productive and successful. By doing that, we help to:

Create new Workplaces Mexico

Help Companys to settle them down in Mexico​​

Increase Competitive Advantage

Continuous Improvement

By expanding your company to Mexico, we are focused to ensure following values:

Transparency in costs

Ensure your Quality Standards

Reliable Service

Being compliant with Employee Rights and Laws

6. About Us

With the large network, language and culture knowledge, as well as the unique business Model we have created, we are convinced that Mexpansion can help you to a successful and sustainable Expansion to Mexico.

Jonas Altmann (Founder)

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